Friday, 29 April 2016

Poo wrestling

Its hard to keep freds still nowadays now that he wants to roll everywhere. Naturally, he doesn't want to stay still for a nappy change, which causes a bit of a conundrum. Thus 'poo wrestling' commences.

Now I know I am not the only parent who partakes in this event,  as my best friend has a 17 month old who is also going for the world heavyweight championship and as such I have seen his attempts at poo wrestling - they are quite impressive also! (nappy flinging etc etc)

So how do we stand a chance at winning this match? I have two main methods - distraction and praise. For freds taking his mind of the fact he is having his nappy changed works best. As such we give him two blocks which he likes to bang together or failing that, the packet of wipes. Praise usually happens post wrestle, but can come in handy during, example - 'thats a good boy, put the nappy down, don't put your foot in it'.

And on occasion, when all is stacked against us, we have been known to bring out the special move, the big guns, BRIBERY. For example 'if you let mummy change your bum you can have some choccy buttons'. This is only to be used in extreme circumstances (example - lack of coffee/sleep)

I will be sure to remind him of this when he is older, as it stands he is deffo nearing pro status! xxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Today Fred's and I did some shopping as he has been teething so badly and I wanted to treat him to make him feel a bit better. Firstly we got some essentials from Tesco-

  • Baby storage pots- these are little pots we put his spare dummys in for travelling as he loves to throw them. We get the cheapy but goody ones- a pound for a pack of 4. They're also good for snacks.
  • Tommee Tippee Explora Disposable Bibs- we love these! They are a little pricey (£3 for 20) but so handy for when we are out as it saves us having a messy bib to carry round after Fred's has finished. And let me tell you they get pretty messy (and always orange-WHY do they make baby food orange?!)
  • Bonjela- we have tried other teething gels but the classic baby Bonjela is Freddie's fave and seems to work for him.
  • Dribble bibs- ok so not technically an 'essential' because we have a million bibs already but these were so lovely. They were a pack of two small dribble bibs one white with pastel blue clouds one and the other pastel blue with 'mummy knows best' on it. 
Then we got some other goodies-
  • Pyjamas- i so wish that they had these on the website but I think they are really new so aren't on there yet. I won't be able to do them justice but it is a two piece set with a light blue top with 'little dreamer' written on a dark blue cloud and then white leggings with pastel blue clouds on. We have finally moved from sleepsuits to pyjamas as trying to get those bloody buttons done up on Fred's is a challenge. They were such a bargain at £6 and deffo don't look like typical supermarket pjs!!
  • Changing mat- our changing mat has been the same trusty one since Fred's was born, but sadly it has done its last bum change and is looking rather worse for wear- so it was time to replace it. We got him this grey and white star one from Mothercare- I am a bit obsessed with grey at the moment plus it's the colour of Fred's nursery so fits in perfectly. Another bargain at only £6! (Literally am such a savvy shopper today, me!!)
  • Teething bibs- when I was pregnant with Fred's I picked up one of the 'Neckerchew' bibs by Cheeky Chompers. He was never really fussed with it through all of his first teeth- they didn't seem to cause him too much of a problem, but recently he has been having a bit of teething trouble and he has loved the Neckerchew and you'll see him in it most of the time. It has a teething triangle attached to it which he loves to chew on that soothes his gums and the fabric layers are so thick that his clothes stay dry underneath. It is also they are reversible so you get two bibs in one which is ideal if you want to put it with an outfit and washes an absolute dream. I am so so so glad I picked one up when I did. We have the 'Preppy Stripes' style so I have ordered two more styles- the 'Simple Classic' and the 'Twinkle Twinkle'. They are a mummy and baby must have.
  • Foxs Felts Tag and Teethe-the most gorgeous teether I ever did see. I love foxs felts- freds already has one of their teething rings which is personalised and it is beautiful. I never ever thought of wood being a good teether but it makes sense as it has natural anti bacterial properties and is a nice firm surface to chew on. But then I saw THIS and I knew freds had to have it. He adores texture and this comforter come teether has plenty of taggies for him to feel and did I mention the gorgeous print. It also features the inbuilt wooden teething ring so is the best of both worlds. I got it personalised too which just makes it that extra bit special. I can't wait for it to arrive and I will review it properly but I already know from past experience it is going to be bloody ace.                                                                               tagnteethegreycloud                        

    Fingers crossed these bits will help make getting this pesky tooth through that little bit easier. He does look so cute with teeth though xxxxx
those top teeth  xxxxxx

Monday, 25 April 2016

One year vaccs and a whole lot of choccy buttons

Fred's got that letter that sends mum anxiety into overdrive recently - the 'your baby is booked in for vaccinations' letter. I am completely pro vaccination - but still the thought of my baby having three  in one sitting just made me feel bloody awful.

So the day came and I had my dad with me for moral support. He was fab and took everything the nurse was saying in , which left me to give Fred's a massive cuddle for the duration. For this set of jabs it was two in one thigh, one in the other. Fred's was so so so brave and took them like a trooper giving the tiniest of squeels after each one. I was so proud bless his heart!

We came home and he had a bottle and fell straight to sleep in my arms, which never happens anymore now that he is such a wriggler. He woke back up after about half an hour and was completely himself again. We have just got to keep an eye on him now for any side effects but fingers crossed that's him done now until he is 3!

Top tip: milkybar buttons ease mum guilt and put you straight back in the good books.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Freddie where are your socks?

Toddlers and socks. Fred's isn't one for pulling his socks off (yet) so where the bloody hell do they all go!?

We currently have a 'lonely socks' club up in his nursery with single socks looking to be reunited with their partner (some we have eventually had to admit defeat with and ding) and it is working quite well so far. I'd say we've made around 4 pairs, but I have no idea if they are the originals or not. 

I did hear the other day that baby socks can get lodged behind the washing machine so I'm a bit scared we might find a stock of them when we next get it serviced. Anyway best go place another Next order for socks - yippee!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Backpack, Backpack

Fred's is now one and I am in desperate need of a changing bag update. I currently use a big old handbag which is covered in paint. It's great as I can just put whatever we need in for the day and go but with just one handle, leaves me with the age old problem of having one arm out of use usually when said Freds is throwing a tantrum/ food/ something breakable.

I have been toying with the idea of a backpack for a while actually. I was going to get a Herschel one as I didn't want to show Fred up with a flowery one (he loves pink, but not flowers) but they just weren't for me. So I forgot about that idea until my friend Kayleigh came to visit with her two boys and she had a cracking backpack that I fell in love with. It was so pretty and if it can fit enough for TWO toddlers in then me and Freds should be able to fit all our bits in one.  Obviously it was Cath Kidston too. Those prints. So I have decided to get one (after all I figure its not Freds wearing it so...) 

I will probs get the below for the main reason that I bloody love the print. That said, it looks roomy enough and says it is 'durable' (needed) and wipe clean (also needed). My 11 year old self would be proud - just as proud as my mum self. Two arms free at all times- wahoo!!

Bleached Flowers Foldaway Backpack

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Weaning- Fred's has started finger food!! Wahoo!! Thank you Ella's kitchen! He is very keen on these strawberry and bannana 'grab me melty puffs' - easy for him to chew and melt in the mouth so he doesn't choke if he chews off too much they were under a pound in asda and  last ages as he only has a few at a time mummy win!!  xxxx
Mama mantras. Poo on my hands. Wee on my clothes. Love in my heart. You can get them from @SUSIEJVERRILL on Instagram xxx