Friday, 22 April 2016

Backpack, Backpack

Fred's is now one and I am in desperate need of a changing bag update. I currently use a big old handbag which is covered in paint. It's great as I can just put whatever we need in for the day and go but with just one handle, leaves me with the age old problem of having one arm out of use usually when said Freds is throwing a tantrum/ food/ something breakable.

I have been toying with the idea of a backpack for a while actually. I was going to get a Herschel one as I didn't want to show Fred up with a flowery one (he loves pink, but not flowers) but they just weren't for me. So I forgot about that idea until my friend Kayleigh came to visit with her two boys and she had a cracking backpack that I fell in love with. It was so pretty and if it can fit enough for TWO toddlers in then me and Freds should be able to fit all our bits in one.  Obviously it was Cath Kidston too. Those prints. So I have decided to get one (after all I figure its not Freds wearing it so...) 

I will probs get the below for the main reason that I bloody love the print. That said, it looks roomy enough and says it is 'durable' (needed) and wipe clean (also needed). My 11 year old self would be proud - just as proud as my mum self. Two arms free at all times- wahoo!!

Bleached Flowers Foldaway Backpack

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