Friday, 29 April 2016

Poo wrestling

Its hard to keep freds still nowadays now that he wants to roll everywhere. Naturally, he doesn't want to stay still for a nappy change, which causes a bit of a conundrum. Thus 'poo wrestling' commences.

Now I know I am not the only parent who partakes in this event,  as my best friend has a 17 month old who is also going for the world heavyweight championship and as such I have seen his attempts at poo wrestling - they are quite impressive also! (nappy flinging etc etc)

So how do we stand a chance at winning this match? I have two main methods - distraction and praise. For freds taking his mind of the fact he is having his nappy changed works best. As such we give him two blocks which he likes to bang together or failing that, the packet of wipes. Praise usually happens post wrestle, but can come in handy during, example - 'thats a good boy, put the nappy down, don't put your foot in it'.

And on occasion, when all is stacked against us, we have been known to bring out the special move, the big guns, BRIBERY. For example 'if you let mummy change your bum you can have some choccy buttons'. This is only to be used in extreme circumstances (example - lack of coffee/sleep)

I will be sure to remind him of this when he is older, as it stands he is deffo nearing pro status! xxxxxxxx

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