Monday, 25 April 2016

One year vaccs and a whole lot of choccy buttons

Fred's got that letter that sends mum anxiety into overdrive recently - the 'your baby is booked in for vaccinations' letter. I am completely pro vaccination - but still the thought of my baby having three  in one sitting just made me feel bloody awful.

So the day came and I had my dad with me for moral support. He was fab and took everything the nurse was saying in , which left me to give Fred's a massive cuddle for the duration. For this set of jabs it was two in one thigh, one in the other. Fred's was so so so brave and took them like a trooper giving the tiniest of squeels after each one. I was so proud bless his heart!

We came home and he had a bottle and fell straight to sleep in my arms, which never happens anymore now that he is such a wriggler. He woke back up after about half an hour and was completely himself again. We have just got to keep an eye on him now for any side effects but fingers crossed that's him done now until he is 3!

Top tip: milkybar buttons ease mum guilt and put you straight back in the good books.

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